The essence of the Chaplaincy work at Africa University is to serve the United Methodist Church, to provide opportunities for the students and staff to grow in service to all and to foster a ‘hope filled’ spirituality. Our mission is to create and provide resources that enable the university community of different academic, professional, cultural and religious backgrounds to grow into deeper Christian spiritual maturity and growth. The University Chapel popularly known as KwangLim Chapel is a house of prayer and is treated with respect and reverence.

Spiritual Life Committee

Advise the Chaplain on all spiritual matters relevant to the University community.

Worship Committee

Assists in the preparation of Sunday and Wednesday worship services

Bible Study Committee

Coordinates the Bible Study teaching to be conducted during worship services

We focus on the promotion and coordination of spiritual and religious life activities. Chaplaincy is more than moral care; it is a wholesome caring of persons in need. It is a compassionate ministry to all. We continue to:

University Chaplain

Bereavement and Deaths

Chaplaincy coordinates ministry to the bereaved members of the university community. Students and staff should inform Chaplain accordingly. Travelling and attending funerals of students and staff members is under strict guidance given the current operating environment we find ourselves in.

Community Outreach processes

Chaplaincy engages in charity work through encouraging staff and students to assist the vulnerable in communities when need arises.

Visiting the Sick

Chaplaincy visits members of the university community in hospital or sick at home to offer support and encouragement. In this Covid -19 season the infected, affected and the sick can receive online chaplaincy ‘visit’ through WhatsApp, and phone calls.